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Complete Pedorthic Services
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Chuck Weeks: CWG founder and Chief Pedorthist
Chuck Weeks has propelled CWG Footcare to success by combining Therapeutic and Pedorthic skills together and integrating them with lifestyle factors that keep you on your feet.
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Complete Pedeorthics Services
Complete Pedorthic Services
Foot analysis
Foot molds  
Foot molds
Shoe fitting and footwear modification
Shoe fitting 

About CWG Footcare Inc.
As Ottawa's original Pedorthic clinic founded in 1989, CWG Footcare Inc. provides skilled assessment, outstanding services, appliances, and footwear modification, all with a view to restoring your health and sense of well being. CWG Footcare Inc. prides itself on being knowledge-based first and foremost in the area of foot pain management and foot related conditions. The Pedorthists at CWG have training which allows them to assess and treat not only the foot, but also the knee, leg, hip and back. Working on referrals from various health professionals, CWG forms an integral link in the team approach required to manage foot-related conditions. Whether it’s plantar fasciitis or diabetic charcot foot, from the simplest to the most complex, CWG is there to help.
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Products and Services
CWG offers a wide variety of products and services that aid in the treatment of foot-related complaints. After assessing your problem, we may prescribe one of the custom-made arch supports, called orthotics.

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From Sports Related Injuries to Diabetes
Many people may be wondering what a Pedorthist does or what an orthotic is. Our frequently asked questions page answers some of the more common inquiries that we have received over the years.

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