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Chuck Weeks: CWG founder and Chief Pedorthist
Chuck Weeks has propelled CWG Footcare to success by combining Therapeutic and Pedorthic skills together and integrating them with lifestyle factors that keep you on your feet.
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CWG - Footwear Modification/Specialty Products
Footwear Modification/Specialty Products
Footwear Modification
At CWG Footcare, we offer our patients off-site footwear recommendations, and in applicable situations we encourage footwear modifications because they exist as a strong point in the Pedorthic approach. Footwear modifications can include rocker soling to unweight arthritic joints or severe metatarsal (ball of the foot) conditions, carbon graphite stiffeners to reduce the pain of hallux rigidus (arthritis of the great toe joint), flares to prevent chronic ankle sprains and lifts to equalize leg length discrepancies.

Specialty Products
A wide variety of gel pressure relief devices are also available to treat corns and calluses, separate toes, and provide protection for bunions and hammer toes. Custom made silicone toe separators can be made for more complex toe conditions. Hallux valgus night splints reduce the rate of bunion formation when combined with other treatments. Individuals with shoe fitting challenges, like chronic heel slip, can often be helped with simple but effective professional shoe fitting techniques.

We also carry a wide range of GEHWOL and BROMI products which can combat problems such as cracked, dry skin on both feet and hands, calluses and perspiring feet and foot odour.

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