The many benefits of orthotic insoles

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The many benefits of orthotic insolesFoot problems can cause discomfort and pain elsewhere in your body. But having the proper support can help alleviate the issues and the pain. Orthotic insoles are custom-made and form-fitted to the shape of your foot. They provide the right support where you need it most. And that support can make a big difference in how your body feels and how it moves.

Benefits of orthotic insoles

Wearing insoles has numerous benefits for your feet and your whole body. Adjusting the structure of your feet can improve the movement throughout your body.  Here are some of the main benefits that orthotic insoles offer:

1. Foot arch support

One of the biggest advantages of orthotic insoles is to adjust your foot arch, particularly if you have a flat arch. Your insoles raise your arch to a good level, which provides ease of movement for the rest of your body. For example, when your foot arch is supported to the correct height, your feet will no longer be flat as you walk. It allows your feet to move as they were designed, improving the feeling and movement in the rest of your body.

Your foot arch is supposed to absorb shock forces as you walk, and your feet hit the ground. When it is adequately supported, it can do this correctly and protect your feet. This is particularly noticeable if you are involved in sports where you need to run and jump, like basketball. To further improve your arch support, you can include specific exercises that strengthen your arch.

2. Reduce pain

Orthotic insoles can also reduce the pain you feel from your foot’s condition. Correcting the arch in your foot will reduce the pressure and pain caused when you move. This is because the ligaments, joints, and muscles become stressed with the flattening of your foot arch. Using orthotic insoles supports your foot arch, reducing the stress on the other parts of your foot and leg.

Pain in your lower back and knees can be caused by problems in your feet as the connection between your ankles, hips, and lower back to your feet is stronger than parts of your upper body. So, if your feet have poor alignment, it’s likely other parts of your body have also made alignment adjustments. Any treatment of your lower body should include your feet and arches.

Additionally, insoles can also reduce the likelihood that you’ll acquire other painful foot conditions like bunions. Many of these other conditions are caused by incorrect foot movement patterns. For example, when you are walking on a flat arch, some of your foot’s ligament is stretched beyond its ability. It leads to inflammation and pain in the arch and heel of your foot. This is called plantar fasciitis.

Wearing orthotic insoles prevents this overstretching of the ligament. If you’re already suffering from plantar fasciitis, it will give your foot time to heal. You’ll notice a reduction in the pain and discomfort as your arch will be correctly supported.

3. Stronger body movement

Did you know that your feet can impact the movement of your entire body? Your feet are foundational. When your foundation is not strong, the rest of your body can suffer too. Issues with your foot arch causes your body to move out of alignment. To correct this, other parts of your legs will try to remedy this issue. For example, your thigh bones will start to turn inwards as you walk. This can cause pain to that part of your body. It can also cause aches in other vital joints and muscles in your lower and upper back. With orthotic insoles, you’ll see a visual change to your movement as well as feel the difference.

4. Athletic performance

Athletes who use orthotic insoles will also see a change and improvement. Stronger support for your arch can help align your body differently, improving your athletic performance. In this way, orthotic insoles reduce atypical movement in your lower body. This can also help you conserve more energy.

In addition, insoles can help you avoid injury from workouts and competitions. These injuries are common when your feet and body are involved in repetitive movement. For example, runners can suffer if they have flat feet arches as the arch of the foot is supposed to absorb the shock force when your foot hits the ground. With a flat arch, the impact is felt in the rest of the foot and leg. This can cause pain and injury.

5. Healthy lifestyle

Chronic foot pain can make it difficult to move, work out, and enjoy some of life’s activities. A custom-made orthotic insole can make you feel comfortable getting out and being active. Part of a healthy lifestyle includes daily exercise, but foot pain can hamper your efforts. A lack of proper exercise can take its toll on other parts of our bodies. But, by using an insole, you’ll find movement easier and less painful, which means you’ll be able to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Getting your custom orthotic insole

There are many great reasons to consider orthotic insoles. They are an effective way to overcome feet problems, pain, and alignment issues in your body. Moreover, they’re also a simple and affordable treatment. For some patients, surgery may be the best option, but even using insoles prior to surgery can be a helpful way to overcome the issue.

The key to getting the most out of orthotic insoles is to have them custom-made for your specific foot shape. These insoles are designed to give you the proper support where you need it. Generic shoe inserts may not be able to offer you the right support. That means you may still suffer from pain, discomfort, and inflammation by using store-bought insoles.

Remember that your foot is unique, and insoles that are mass-produced may not give you the proper support you need where you need it.

For more information or to talk to a specialist about getting a custom orthotic insole, contact CWG today.

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