What are the benefits of wearing orthotics?

By November 24, 2022Foot Pain

Your feet are more complex than they look. There are over 26 bones in your foot. On top of that, hundreds of muscles and tendons help your foot flex in all the ways it can. And feet have a big job. They need to support your entire body. In other words, your feet are essential, and keeping them in good shape is crucial for your health.

So, when something is out of place in your feet, such as your alignment, it can have a negative impact on the rest of your body’s health. If you’ve been dealing with foot pain for some time, your medical professional may recommend orthotics to help alleviate your discomfort.

But orthotics are not just for patients suffering from foot problems. They can have benefits for anyone.

What are orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are not just for those with foot disorders; they can be for anyone of any age looking for more comfort or support in their footwear. Orthotics are any device or implementation placed in a shoe to help improve your foot function. Often people will get custom-made orthotics that fit the unique shape of their foot. You can also get orthotics for foot conditions, such as bunions.

Benefits of wearing orthotics

Whether you’re looking for custom foot orthotics to help remedy discomfort or pain or you want more comfortable footwear, there are many benefits of wearing orthotics, including:


Orthotics can help you improve your body’s posture by realigning your feet. Custom foot orthotics can be designed to help correct any posture imbalance. It can allow your muscles and joints more flexibility and ease of movement.

Pain relief

Many people seek out custom foot orthotics to treat the pain they’re having in their feet or lower limbs. Often, this discomfort can be caused by a lack of proper support in your footwear. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or are involved in activities that require a lot of running and jumping, the joints and tissues in your foot can get stressed. Orthotics can help alleviate the stress on your feet, bringing you pain relief.

You may also have been diagnosed with a foot condition, such as:

During the diagnosis, your medical professional may have assessed your gait. They may have recommended you get custom foot orthotics to help with the pain of your foot condition.


Our feet do a lot of work daily, and they can face some rugged terrain. Sometimes your feet may need extra care and support to stay flexible. It’s easy to take your feet for granted until something hurts. But investing in custom foot orthotics is a way to be proactive in caring for your feet. You can request orthotics that provide extra comfort and support for the pressure points, such as your arch or heel. Orthotics can redistribute the weight of your foot and help you stay active in comfort.

Relieves pressure points

The cushioning and support that custom foot orthotics provide can help those who stand for long periods for their work. For example, teachers, baristas, etc., must be on their feet for most of the day. Using orthotics can help relieve the pressure on your feet during those times. It can also benefit those with arthritis or diabetes by reducing the likelihood of pressure ulcers or other foot-related complications.

Athletic performance

Custom foot orthotics can improve your athletic performance. You can request orthotics designed to accommodate different pressure and stress that your feet may undergo while doing specific sports activities. They will also redistribute your body weight for your feet, helping you balance better. Orthotics offer several other benefits that can contribute to better athletic performance, including:

  • Protect your feet
  • Absorb shock better
  • Enhanced motion control
  • Improved movement
  • Cut down on muscle fatigue

To get the most benefit from your orthotics, ensure that you request they be created for your specific sport.

Stronger lower limbs

Did you know that custom foot orthotics can also benefit those with back, knee, and ankle problems? Your back, knees, and ankles depend on your feet for correct alignment and motion. If you’re having foot problems, it can cause other parts of your body to compensate for the pain. This can put extra pressure on your back, knees, and ankles. Orthotics can correct the alignment of your feet, easing the pressure on the rest of your body.

Prevent injury

Another benefit of wearing orthotics is to be proactive in protecting your feet and lower limbs from injury. Your feet and lower legs have a lot of pressure put on them daily, especially if you spend a lot of time standing. Using orthotics can prevent muscle and bone problems you may run into if you’re on your feet for a significant time during the day. They can even protect you from knee and back pain that can occur. However, the key is to get custom orthotics rather than over-the-counter solutions that won’t give you the same level of protection.

Improved Health

Reducing activity can take a toll on your overall health. When your feet are sore or achy, you won’t feel as energized or able to be active. With orthotics, you’ll be able to get back to your favorite activities and stay active. Additionally, being more active and relieving your foot pain can help you sleep better, contributing to your overall health.

Whether you’re suffering from foot pain or just looking for more comfortable footwear, CWG has a range of orthotics that can help you find the right level of support for your feet. Book your appointment today.

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