CWG Update re. CoVid-19 Appointment Restrictions (until further notice)
We are closed other than for booked appointments.
The College of Pedorthics of Canada (CPC) guidelines have recommended services be determined as Essential or Non-Essential. I interpret them as follows (based on what is essential for individuals, not for the business):
Essential: services to assist front line health care workers I am extending our services to critical supply chain workers like grocery store employees. Exceptions will include everyone else with painful conditions that significantly limit or prevent the ability to physically or psychologically manage the CoVid19 crisis.
Non-Essential: ordering duplicate pairs of orthotics unless there is a pressing need to do so.
I want to help you; if you develop a foot related issue, I will provide over the phone consultations at no charge at this time. Simply contact me via e-mail;, leave a message at 613-723-5005. And if your case is more urgent, you may text me at 613-299-0346. I will get back to you.
Any changes will be posted here on our home page and on our Facebook page.
As much as our small business needs you, it will never compare to the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Wash up, distance, be patient and loving to each other.
Best Regards,
Chuck Weeks
C.Ped. (C.), CWG Footcare