Why CWG?

At some point in their lives, seventy per cent of Canadians experience foot-related problems in their feet, knees, hips or spine. If you have foot pain or a foot-related problem, CWG Footcare can offer you effective care and relief.

CWG Footcare operates through referrals from trusted health professionals, such as your family doctor. CWG specializes exclusively in assessing and treating problems of the feet. We emphasize long-term prevention, and the manufacture of custom-made arch supports, known as “orthotics.”

CWG Footcare provides complete pedorthic services, including biomechanical assessment, orthopedic footwear modification, footwear prescription, diabetic and arthritic care, and specialty supports for dancers, skiers, cyclists, runners, and other fitness enthusiasts from weekend walker to elite athlete.

Whether you’re six or sixty, an armchair jock or an Olympic champion, CWG is dedicated to providing you with the quality care your feet deserve. For more information, please contact us